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HPP for companies

The food and beverage sector is going through a period of great change in consumer demand, with fresh, natural, safe, preservative-free foods at the top of the list.

Gustochef provides an HPP service to companies who want to guarantee the safety of their food products and extend their shelf-life without using any preservatives or chemical additives.

This process can be used to:

  • Facilitate export to countries with stringent food safety regulations
  • Ensure enhanced food safety for consumers
  • Extend shelf life for improved stock management and a reduction in waste
  • Eliminate preservatives from products


The High Pressure process means that ingredients and the characteristics of fresh products can be preserved for up to 90 days by applying extremely high isostatic pressure. This eliminates any micro-organisms present in the food.

HPP means that the bacterial load can be significantly reduced without the use of heat. This absence of heating means that heat-sensitive aromas and other characteristics are maintained. The process can be used on liquids, solids or semi-solids contained in flexible packaging. The foods do not require any further treatment and they can then be stored in the cold chain.



Baskets containing the packaged product are loaded into the HPP chamber


Water is pumped into the chamber and pressurized to 6000 bar (87,000 psi)


The product is held at an isostatic pressure of 6000 bar (87 000 psi) for the time necessary to inactivate microbial activity


The products exit the HPP chamber and are ready for refrigeration and consumption

The Benefits

Enhances food safety by reducing pathogens

Extends shelf life by up to 10 times

Ensures safer, healthier products with no E numbers on the label

Reduces waste and improves profitability

Maintains flavour and nutritional value without the need for heat

Protects brand reputation by greatly reducing the risk of product recalls

High Pressure Processing can be used for


Cured meat products

Raw and cooked vegetables

Fruit juices


Beverages in general