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Gustochef’s products fit the constantly growing RTE (ready to eat meals) market with a unique competitive advantage given by the exclusive patented production process, which allows to combine the taste and freshness of cooked dishes with the typical shelf life of frozen foods.

Gustochef’s patented production process brings together the benefits of sous vide cooking with the innovative high pressure processing technique.

In partnership with technicians, food experts and university researchers, all the recipes have been painstakingly researched and tested, in order to get the correct flavour and balance of ingredients, and the right nutritional content.

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Increased shelf life

The technique of vacuum cooking – also known as sous vide or low temperature cooking – dates back to the beginning of the seventies when it was introduced by a number of French chefs. It is still held in high regard and is used in haute cuisine.

The technique of vacuum sealing food was initially invented to improve hygiene but it also ensures that the organoleptic characteristics of the food remain unaffected. Even though tiny amounts of oxygen can still be present (vacuum sealing does not eliminate all air but it comes fairly close) the aerobic micro-organisms are unable to multiply due to the lack of oxygen and this also prevents the food from oxidizing.

Sous vide cooking means that the shelf life will be 3 to 4 times longer than that of traditionally prepared dishes.

No loss of vitamins and minerals

The main benefit of vacuum cooking is that the nutrients and organoleptic qualities are preserved. The very low pressure to which the food is exposed during the process allows the food to be cooked at low temperatures, which means that all the goodness and organoleptic qualities will be maintained.

Around 85% of the vitamins and minerals remain intact in the food after low temperature cooking, compared with a figure of only 10 to 20% in foods cooked in traditional ways.

Using this method, the flavours, colours, natural aromas and nutritional values of the foods remain unaltered, which in turn means that the food will be full of flavour, without the need for additional seasoning and condiments.

Extended Shelf Life

In addition to sous vide cooking, Gustochef uses another technique to extend the shelf life for up to 90 days without the addition of any preservatives.

This high pressure pasteurization process (HPP or High Pressure Processing), used in the preparation of all Gustochef dishes, ensures that the organoleptic properties of the vacuum cooked food remain intact. The process inhibits all bacteria present in the food and produces completely safe food with a shelf life up to or even exceeding 90 days.

HPP is a cold treatment technique that involves exposing the food, which is sealed in flexible containers, to a pressure up to 6000 bar for a time varying between a few seconds and a couple of minutes, depending on the product being treated.

Food Safety

The application of high hydrostatic pressure increases the shelf life of the food products by damaging cell membranes, deforming the walls of the enzymes and so making any micro-organisms inactive.

By reducing the bacterial load it is possible to reach very high levels of sterilisation through the elimination of potentially dangerous bacteria such as E. Coli, Listeria Monocytogenes, Salmonella and Staphylococcus Aureus, as well as parasites, moulds and yeasts.

Maintaining organoleptic properties

High Pressure Processing means that the food’s organoleptic properties are unaffected because, unlike traditional thermal pasteurization, there is no heat damage which can lead to the loss of vitamins and the oxidation of chlorophyll.